Cold War Submarines


Threadfin SS-410 WWII configuration - 4/7/2010

Dear Mel,
What a work of art, you are truly a Master Builder. My father will be thrilled.
My wife indicated that we should also give him a magnifying glass so that he, and others, can appreciate the detail of your work. It will be hard to wait for Father's Day to give it to him.
Thanks again, I am thrilled.
Best regards,
Tom Munzig



Hartford SSN-768 - 6/30/2010

I am absolutely FLOORED by this model.  The pictures do it NO justice at all.  Beautiful, Awesome, Magnificent....I can't come up with enough words.

Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this for me.

Thanks again.

Luke Harris



John Adams SSBN-620 - 9/17/2010


We received the John Adams replica yesterday.  All either of us could say was "Oh my God."  It is beautiful!  My husband is so very proud to have it.  It is prominently displayed in his study and we went out today to buy a special light to shine on it at night.  
It is so very well built and the detail is amazing.  Bob said you did not miss a single thing!
I was a little optimistic about how it could arrive here in good condition, but you handled that very good as well.  The packaging is brilliant.
Thanks again for a job done amazingly well.  You have made my husband very proud.  I'm certain by now you never need any references, but if you ever do, please call on us any time.
Dusty Martin



Halibut SSN-587 special ops configuration - 10/15/11

Hi Mel,

Just a note to let you know the Halibut replica and display case arrived in perfect condition.  The work you did to complete the Halibut is most impressive and the end result is nothing short of stunning—thank you!  The only difference I can tell between the replica and the real boat is that the real Halibut was quite ugly—the replica is quite beautiful!

Thank you again, great job!

Roger C. Dunham (Author of SPY SUB, available at



Flying Fish SSN-673 - 11/24/2010

The 673 replica and case arrived in good order.  It is an excellent product.  I am greatly satisfied with it.  You are to be commended.
Thank you
Jon Sheller, CAPT, USN (ret)



Tigrone AGSS-419 - 2/10/11

Hello Mel,

We released the Tigrone replica from the dry dock Tuesday afternoon and it survived the transit from Lake Michigan in great shape.  Once again a wonderful job with great attention to some complex detail.  Every one here at my business was particularly taken by the little deck railing around the conning tower and teak wood deck line detail.  Mooring line deck cleats were also noted in amazement.  I'm taking it to my Subvets meeting at the Peoria base to show it off and amaze them as well.

Your envelope with certificate and Tigrone history arrived today as well.


Thank you once again for a terrific job on what was truly a historic submarine.

1. Most zoomies picked up by a life guard submarine.

2. Last shots fired by US in WWII.

3. Last WWII submarine to stay in service.

4. Oldest submarine in service at time of her decommissioning.


I guess I was lucky to have been there for some of it.  While working at the Sound Lab, we were one of the wackiest ships in the Navy.

One more thought.  Yes, the Tigrone and Ethan Allen are both gone now but they will live on for more generations thanks to your care to detail in these replicas.

David Smith



USS Spadefish SSN-668 - 3/18/11

Mel; my Brother of the Phin,

Just a note of appreciation for a job well done!

My Wife Wendy gave me the replica of my first Submarine that you made with obvious pride.  It brought back such memories of those days onboard.  Not all good with that damn alarm panel ringing in my ears, but some great ones of friends and sub-mates of the days.  Thank You for doing such a wonderful job on recreating that fine Submarine! She served her country well!  I am certainly proud of it. Have it in my office and everyone that walks by is ewing and awing over it.


Eric Ramsey RMCS(SS)



Amberjack SS-522 GUPPY - 4/19/11


I have received both boats and they are terrific. Your work is perfect and the boats are beautiful. Also the book you provided with historical information, pictures and web sites was very interesting and useful. I would be happy to provide a reference to others who are considering ordering one of your submarine models. 


Ron Galante



Medregal SS-480 GUPPY - 4/20/11

Hi Mel,

Well, everything went as you said it would! My USS Medregal SS-480 replica arrived safe and sound on the projected date. What I found was FANTASTIC!!!  Beautiful job!! THANK YOU!! Great attention to detail. The "ammo locker" did it. The old girl never looked better and this old "bubblehead" never felt better. I swear I could hear the deep rumble, feel the power and smell the fumes from those Fairbanks-Morse engines in the Forward Engineroom! I'll be ordering the USS Harder SS-568 soon. Now I'm gonna go stare at my boat and daydream for a little while. Again THANK YOU! 


--Ed Hinman (ex) EN3(SS)



Sam Rayburn SSBN-635 - 4/28/11

Hi Mel,

I received my model of Sam Rayburn yesterday and I'm very pleased with it. It sits above the fireplace in my family room, and I look at it with pride. I'm glad I finally made the decision to buy it.


Mark Hosier



Houston SSN-713 & Display Case - 5/21/11

The Houston and case have arrived, unboxed, and sitting proudly on my shelf. I am VERY satisfied with the quality. It is exactly what I was hoping for. Even the case was very impressive. I liked how the case fit snuggly onto the base and the seams were clear. Small points but it goes a long way to pont to the quality of the product.
Thank You so much for your craftsmanship!
Your Satisfied Customer.
Rick Larzo



Tunny SSN-682, Los Angeles SSN-688,

Buffalo SSN-715, LaJolla SSN-701 - 6/16/11


Now I’ve finally had the new 3 x 688 class boat models open for a few days and joined them with my 637 class boat that I bought from you earlier.  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy them.  The craftwork seems excellent, and just staring at them brings back so many…mostly fond, and often dicey…memories of my time aboard Tunny, Los Angeles, and La Jolla.

Thanks again fro you quality workmanship on the SSN models.

Best Regards,

Gordon Moller



Harder SS-568 with PUFFS – 6/24/11

I received my USS Harder SS568 e-mail pics and booklet. They made me more anxious to get my replica.  Today I got it. THANK YOU!! Another work of art. I was so impressed with my USS Medregal replica that I ordered the USS Harder too. They bring back so many memories. Your attention to detail is unbelievable.

As I said before...I'm gonna go stare at my submarines for a while now. Thank you for making it possible for me to look at and think about my days as a "Pigboat Sailor"!

--Ed Hinman (ex) EN3SS



Grampus SS-523 GUPPY - 6/30/11

Mel I received her on time and in perfect ship shape.  When I took her out of the box it brought tears to my eyes!!!  You are truly a talented artist.  She looks just like the day we left the shipyard in Philly, fresh paint and looking new.  I don’t know how to thank you for giving me such wonderful memories. You will be always in my prayers.  God Bless and God Bless The United States Navy.

Thank You

Bill Roche TM3 SS



Jacksonville SSN-699 & Display Case – 7/8/11


I got the model yesterday in the mail and it looks fantastic!  I love every detail on there and the base looks so great that it could be in a museum.  Thank you so much for your help and the beautiful model I will always have it as a great reminder of my time on the boat!  I haven’t stopped telling everybody about how great it looks.

Jonathan Kassoff



Sealion APSS-315 & Display Case – 7/19/11


Got it today.  Thanks; it’s beautiful!  A perfect reproduction, down to the paint color and the shears.  I sent copies of the photos to those in the wardroom for whom I still have addresses.  It’s on display in our living room now.


Edward McGinley



Sea Fox SS-402 – 7/23/11


The model arrived this afternoon at about 1600 hours, really a beautiful job Mel and I and mom really like it.  Betty will be calling you Monday to order a cover.  In God we trust.

Thanks again,

George Long EMC(SS) US Navy (Ret.)



Barbel SS-580 & Display Case – 8/11/11

Hello Mel,

Thanks for doing such a fine job.  BARBEL looks as lethal as ever.  Fast, maneuverable and deadly.  BARBEL arrived in excellent condition.  I’m quite happy with your work and derive great pleasure showing it off.

Thanks again Mel, and I’m glad I ordered the display case.

Best regards, Joe

--Joe Meyer



Bonita SSK-3 – 8/24/11

Thank you Mel.

Received the submarine today.  What an awesome job you did making it.  I love it.

Thank you again for such a great job.

Bob Scairpon



Grayling SSN-646 – 8/31/11

Hi Mel,

Just like to say what a pleasure it was to meet you.  My Grayling now occupies a permanent place in my den and I’m VERY satisfied with it.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your fine work.  If you ever need a reference of the submarine community on the quality of your models, don’t hesitate to use my name.

Again, thank you so very much for a beautiful Grayling!!!

Gregg Nadeau



Threadfin SS-410 – 12/3/11


I received the replica and display case on Thursday.  I finally had a opportunity to look at without my husband present this morning and it is absolutely magnificent!  WOW!  Thank you and I know he will be very happy with this holiday gift!

Thanks again,

Marie Weiner



Haddo SSN-604 – 12/9/11


The 604 looks great.  Hillman called me after he received it and said he loves it, its beautiful and he is very happy with the engraving.  Everything is correct.  He said he cried after he opened the box and read the card.


David Dlugo



Kraken SS-370 – 12/19/11

WOW!  She looks beautiful  I am sure bob will appreciate it greatly.  Thanks for everything.  It will make an old vet very happy and I am glad I found your website.

Merry Christmas!

Bill Spurgin



Greenling SSN-714 – 12/19/11

Hey Mel,

Received the 614 this pm.  Great job.  Detail spot on.  Very professional job.  Thanks so much also for taking enough time with the packaging and shipping container.  This is usually where the seller fails.  Arrived in top shape.  Looking at your website, the picture shows a boat inside a plastic box.  I have a bad dust problem hear in Stockton, CA.  It would be nice if I could get a hold of same.  I will take pictures of my “614” and show them around on our reunion cruise net Feb. and pass out your website address.  You have a beautiful product hear and I wish you much success.

Your shipmate of sorts, Jim Morris SSK3(SS) USS GREENLING 1966 to 1969.

Thanks again.

P.S.  Happy Holidays and a Good New Year.

Jim Morris



Greenling SSN-614 – 12/29/11


The boat came shortly after Christmas and I couldn’t be happier.  Jean was really surprised at the nick-name on plaque.  She couldn’t remember tell you that, so you sure do your home work.  Greenling was my first and only boat.  After shake-down, I went to S3G in NY and got out from there.  I think about the boat and the people every day and the model brings back more memories than you can imagine.  I noticed that Alan Don got a boat in 2010.  He was my first Div. officer and one of the greatest men I have ever known.  He died earlier this fall from Mesothelioma and I’m sure that either his son or daughter enjoy the memories that the model brings to them.   Thank you again for the quick service and the follow-up.  You can be proud of the quality and caring you put into these models.  I know all your customer are as happy with theirs as I am.

Have a great day.

Bob Phippen



Seawolf SSN-575 - 8/24/12

Kamehameha SSN-642 - 1/2/12

Hi Mel,

This is the second model that I’ve purchase from you.  Your quality is second to none; the model is absolutely beautiful.  What my wife and I appreciate is just how easy it is to deal with you and how reliable your service is.  Both models arrived in perfect condition because of the way they were packed.  Last but not least, is that we know you’ll do what you say you will do and trust is a big thing in this day and age.

Many thanks once again.

Garry Gray



Greenling SSN-614 – 1/11/12

He Mel,

Received the display case yesterday.  Greenling looks great inside.  You have given yourself and the submarine service a great compliment with your work and detail on the models.  Have a great year.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Morris



Bonefish SS-582 – 5/2/12

I truly love the boat, it was a great surprise.  I feel very honored that my shipmates purchased it for me.  Thanks for a great job on it.  I will treasure it for a long long time!

Bob Schive

Base Commander – Bonefish Base



Sea Dog SS-401 – 5/23/12


Received the replica of the Sea Dog SS-401 this date—excellent workmanship on your part—I welcome the opportunity to be a reference for anyone considering to have you create a replica of a boat they served on.

Thanks again for a superb job very well done.

Ed Newcomer



Scamp SSN-588 – 8/7/12

Mel -

The boat arrived today in excellent condition. You outdid yourself! It is awesome, but exactly what I expected from looking at your display at the conventions year after year, hoping for the time in my life I could afford to buy one myself.  Thanks again for the superb, handcrafted model. It will be proudly on display in our house for years to come and passed down to my son when I am gone.

Smooth sailing!

Rod S.



Blueback SS-581 & Pomfret SS-391 – 11/16/12

I received the subs on Wednesday.  Last week in anticipation of getting them, I purchased a very special curial cabinet.  These bring back many memories.  Your workmanship is of the highest quality and is greatly appreciated!  My wife and I can not stop looking at them.  Over the holidays I will have many friends whom will also enjoy them.  These are better than museum quality by far.  Than you for your excellent craftsmanship.

Ron Close



Ray SSN-653 – 11/17/12

My USS Ray replica and display case arrived yesterday and I was amazed at the quality and the level of detail. This is truly museum quality work. This was a present from my wife and I couldn't be happier. It will have a prominent display space in my house. I have posted pictures on my Facebook page and all of the comments are on the excellent quality of your work. I have already given your website to several friends. Thanks for your effort and attention to detail.
Joe White  MM1 (SS)



Jack SSN-605 – 12/14/12

Oh, wow!! It looks beautiful! Thank you, I will definitely let you know what Rick says when he gets it. I am hoping to sneak it into the house without him seeing it, but he might open it right away.

Thank you, so much.




Tiru SS-416 – 12/21/12


The Tiru has already arrived! My brother, sister and I just spent about 20 minutes admiring your work. She's beautiful! We can't wait to present her to my father. I'll let you know his reaction. I'm very impressed with your craftsmanship.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Have a great holiday and I'll follow up after Christmas.




Skate SSN-578 – 3/5/13

Hi Mel!

The replica of the USS Skate you crafted arrived today and it is fabulous! It has all the hallmarks of accuracy and detailed craftsmanship customary with your submarine replicas. I truly appreciate your efforts put into this replica, that will make it an admirable addition to my collection for many years to come.

All the best Shipmate!




Pintado SSN-672 – 3/12/13

Received the replica; it is just as I imagined; BEAUTIFU. It was delivered on March 8th and the certificate of authenticity arrive today. That and the Pintado story is just awesome. I really appreciate the materials. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Curtis Grant



Patrick Henry SSBN-599 – 3/28/13

Mel Everything got here OK.  The boat is beautiful and the display case grand.

Thanks again good 4.0 job.

Jim Warrick



Daniel Boon SSBN-629, Caiman SS-323 – 5/11/13

Thanks Mel!

We received the models and they look excellent!

They are currently being displayed in a display case exhibit in our gift shop.

Thanks again for your great efforts.

Grant Briscoe

Graduate Assistant

Historic Daniel Boone Home and Heritage Center

Lindenwood University




Salmon SS-573 – 5/11/13


The Salmon and the Display Case both arrived Friday afternoon about 1 PM as anticipated, all in excellent condition.  What can I say?  The work that you did on the Salmon was phenomenal.  It must be nice to have a God given talent and be able to use it to bring such joy to others.  I truly envy your creative ability and your dedication to your craft.  My ever lasting thanks for making my Salmon available to me.

I had a house full of guests yesterday while getting the Salmon unpacked and put in the new home. She was the subject of hours of discussion and a lot of OOOOs and AAAAHs.

Thanks again.

Phil Cowan



Scamp SSN-588 – 6/28/13


Received the replica and case this afternoon.  Just an outstanding piece of work.  You did a really great job on the model and I'm really glad I went with that display

case.  It really stands out.  It will be a conversation piece here at my place for a long time in the future and I really thank you for the boats history also.

Once again thank you.



Silversides SSN-679– 9/25/13

Everything came in great shape.

It is fantastic.

Thanks so much.

Jim Troutfetter



Tucson SSN-770 – 9/28/13

Hi there Mel,

Thank you for all the help and the speedy build time. The replica is awesome! We are presenting the gift on Monday.

Thanks again,

Randy Hielo



Albacore AGSS-569,  Skipjack SSN-585,  New Hampshire SSN-787,

Maine SSBN-741, Nautilus SSN-571 – 9/30/13

Good morning Mel:

Excellent work on all of the replicas.

We are pleased with the result.

Ken Herrick


Port of Portsmouth Maritime Museum Association (DBA Albacore Park)



Hawii SSN-776 – 10/29/13


Got the Hawaii model and it looks AWESOME!  Thanks again.

Looking forward to bringing it to the office to show it off.


Steve Mack



Robert E. Lee SSBN-601 – 10/29/13


It came today!!!  How awesome!!

That’s a real piece or work.  He’s going to love it!

Jay Herter




New Mexico SSN-779 (Qty = 5) – 11/13/13


I just want to say your workmanship and attention to detail on the five USSNM models is outstanding. We are very pleased. Thanks for the great job.

Dick Brown, Chairman

USS New Mexico Committee



Skate SSN-578 – 11/17/13

Hi Mel,

The Skate model arrived safe and sound this morning. It’s beautiful, but it sure is a reminder just how small these boats were compared even to a guppy class.

Kind Regards,




Tigrone SSR-419 – 11/17/13

Mr. Douyette,

You are a true craftsman – what a beautiful job you have done! I can’t thank you enough, or describe how happy this will make my father. He talks about his days on the Tigrone often and fondly! Thank you so much! I will certainly let you know how my dad likes it!

Theresa O’Leary

P.S. It was a sincere pleasure doing business with you! Your customer service skills are ship shape!

Theresa O’Leary



Ray SSN-653 – 2/20/14


I received my replica today – and it is as excellent as I hoped for. Also, I very much appreciate the careful packing job you did.  Thanks again. Hopefully you’ll get a few more customers once I begin bragging about it.




Aspro SSN-648 – 2/20/14

Proud to be one of your customers.

Is just like you said looks really nice appreciate the work you put into it

I want to thank you a lot I really appreciate it.