Cold War Submarines

BOOK - Cold War Submarines "Price Reduced"

"Cold War Submarines" is proud to offer a new book titled:

Cold War Submarines

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The book describes the evolution of US submarines after WWII from the start of the Cold War through today.  The book is intended to be entertaining while informative, while not boring the reader with too much technical detail.

The "80-page" book shows pictures of each submarine type in chronological order with "over 70 pictures" - many are full page in color.  The book shows where each submarine fits into the history of the Cold War.  If you served on a submarine during the Cold War, there is a picture that looks just like it in this book. 

The book is available in two sizes 13” x 11” and 10” x 8”. Click the "23-page preview" below for the size book you are interested in.  You may click the "fullscreen" icon for a larger view.  Then click the shopping cart icon to purchase direct from the publisher.

8" x 10" Soft Cover: $39.95

8" x 10" Hard Cover: $44.95