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About "Cold War Submarines"

I, Mel Douyette a submarine veteran, started Cold War Submarines in 2003 after I ordered kits to build the two submarines I served on and was very disappointed by what I received.  So I decided to build my own submarine replicas and offer them to submarine veterans on my own website "Cold War Submarines".

At about the same time "Cold War Submarines" came into being, I was "down-sized" after 30 years in industry.

After graduating from high school in 1968 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin I joined the US Navy and volunteered for submarine duty.  I "qualified" and served on two US Submarines, first a diesel boat USS Cusk SS-348, and second a nuclear fast attack submarine USS Permit SSN-594.  As a crew member of the Permit, I participated in several covert operations.

I have been a member of United States Submarine Veterans, Incorporated (USSVI) since 1995 and a founding member the USSVI - Great Lakes Base.

After leaving the US Navy, I earned an Engineering degree, a Business degree and an MBA.

As of 2012, I have built over 600 World War II and Cold War Submarine replicas and am proud to offer the most complete line of 1/192 scale US submarine models in the world.  I have built submarine replicas for a number of museums and collectors. 

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Mel - Cusk SS-348 - 1969


Mel - Veterans Day 2011