Cold War Submarines

Submarine Models

Cold War Submarines offers the most complete line of "museum quality" United States submarine models in the world.

Each "replica" is shipped with a "Certificate of Authenticity" to document and confirm that it is an "Original and Genuine" Cold War Submarines production.  All original owners are documented in the "Owner Registry" maintained at

Each is intended for the US Navy submarine veteran that actually served on the particular submarine. All are "1/192 scale" (1/16 inch equals one foot).

They are constructed of "solid cast-resin" with "aluminum masts".  All masts are shown in the "raised" position, unless otherwise specified. Each model is "highly detailed and accurate" and is mounted, using brass hardware, on a stained and varnished hardwood base.  The base features an engraved "brass name plate" with the "submarine name and hull number" laser etched into it.  A set of "regulation US Navy submarine dolphins" (silver for enlisted personnel, gold for officers) is mounted just above the name plate.

These are "not generic" models!  Each submarine is an "exact replica" of the actual submarine.  When built for a specific customer, each model is researched to confirm that the configuration is correct for the time period that the submarine veteran served on the particular boat.

Each replica is shipped in "specially designed packaging" to prevent shipping damage.  Delivery is normally 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the work-load.  We will up-date you periodically after we receive your order.